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The "Behind Closed Doors"-Sessions started in Berlin, Germany during lockdown in March 2020.
Musicians are meeting in a club in Berlin, without audience. Thorsten Quaeschning´s (Tangerine Dream)  improvisation skills give the guest musicians the space to show their art and talent. Bringing such different musicians and music genres together creates magical moments in every session.  
Experience this mixture of Electronic  & Ambiant music, passion and an unique vibes.

The session becomes available to stream at 12:01AM CET on December 21th, and can be re-watched for up to 24 hours after your first viewing.

 Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:



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Freddy Hau (GER)

Guitarist, musician and songwriter based in Berlin (Germany).
From 2008 to 2011 he played guitar in the worldwide known musical „We Will Rock You“ in Stuttgart (Germany) and Berlin (Germany). He was chosen by Brian May and Roger Taylor personally and had the honor to share the stage with Brian May, too.

From 2011 to 2016 he was a performing member of the german band Luxuslärm. With this band he worked as a guitarist, musical director and co-songwriter and released two albums via Universal Records. The band sold ca. 250.000 copies and he played more than 250 concerts with Luxuslärm. In 2015 he recorded and released his first Solo-Ep HauNow.

In 2017 he got his first golden record for playing guitars on the album of german pop artist Namika.
Since 2019 he is with Jini Meyer Band and released 2020 as HAU9 three new singles.

Other collaborations:
Udo Lindenberg, David Uosikkinen (The Hooters), Laith Al-Deen, Stefanie Heinzmann, Hartmut Engler, Marta Jandova (Die Happy), Stefan 'Gudze' Hinz (H-Blockx), Gregor Meyle, Namika, and others.

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The Host:
Thorsten Quaeschning (GER)

is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and musical director who played and composed on more than 120 albums worldwide with different artists including 75 albums (albums, compilations, live-albums) with TANGERINE DREAM.

He composed the original soundtrack for “CARGO” (USA/2018), “LETTERS FROM LIBYA, (Libya & Germany) and  “REMNANTS” (UK/2013).

20 11 09 TQ Portrait 400x300Member of
   - TANGERINE DREAM 2005 - today
   - PICTURE PALACE MUSIC 2003 - today
   - MINORY 1994 - 2003

   - Brian May (QUEEN),
   - Jean Michel Jarre,
   - Edgar Fröse,
   - Schiller / Christopher von Deylen,
   - Hans Joachim Roedelius,
   - Ulrich Schnauss,
   - Paul Frick,
   - Franz Bargmann,
   - Greenman

Thorsten is based in Berlin, Germany.


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