BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - Thorsten Quaeschning & Gäste


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The "Behind Closed Doors"-Sessions out of Berlin, Germany are unique and extraordinary.

 Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:



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 Shawn Crowder (USA)

began his drumming career in New York, working as an in-demand player in the live electronic and underground jazz scenes.  Shawn is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music. He held a guest faculty teaching position for 5 years at the annual Berklee Percussion Festival in Boston.

Together with YouTuber/bassist Andam Neely he formed the international electrojazz duo „SUNGAZER“. The duo has brought their unique blend of hard-hitting Jazz Fusion, 8-bit, Glitch and EDM to audiences in the U.S. and Europe. Sungazer explores the human element of improvisation within the context of the modern electronic music paradigm.

Shawn is now based in Berlin, Germany.

Markus Reuter (GER)

Is a multi-disciplinary musician, composer, record producer and instrument designer.

Reuter's work as recording artist, solo performer and composer spans (and frequently fuses) electrophonic loop music, contemporary classical music, progressive and art rock, industrial music, world jazz, jazz fusion, pop songs and pure improvisation.

Over the course of a two-decade career, he has been a member of multiple bands, ensembles and projects including CENTROZOON, STICK MEN, TUNER, THE CRIMSON ProjeKct, as further collaborations with artists including Tim Bowness, Lee Fletcher, Ian Boddy and Robert Rich,

A specialist in touch guitar playing, Reuter became known as a leading player of the Warr Guitar and Chapman Stick during the 1990s and 2000s before developing, adopting and marketing his own U8 and U10 Touch Guitar instruments. In collaboration with former King Crimson member Trey Gunn, he runs the Touch Guitar Circle, a teaching and support network for touch guitar players.


The Host:
Thorsten Quaeschning (GER)

is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and musical director who played and composed on more than 120 albums worldwide with different artists including 75 albums (albums, compilations, live-albums) with TANGERINE DREAM.

He composed the original soundtrack for “CARGO” (USA/2018), “LETTERS FROM LIBYA, (Libya & Germany) and  “REMNANTS” (UK/2013).

20 11 09 TQ Portrait 400x300Member of
   - TANGERINE DREAM 2005 - today
   - PICTURE PALACE MUSIC 2003 - today
   - MINORY 1994 - 2003

   - Brian May (QUEEN),
   - Jean Michel Jarre,
   - Edgar Fröse,
   - Schiller / Christopher von Deylen,
   - Hans Joachim Roedelius,
   - Ulrich Schnauss,
   - Paul Frick,
   - Franz Bargmann,
   - Greenman

Thorsten is based in Berlin, Germany.


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