Jon Lord Bluesproject (Tour 2011)




In2010, Pete York called a couple of friends, one of them Jon Lord, to do a gig at a festival.

He called the project in short „Rhythm‚n'Blues Allstars".

Everybody involved enjoyed himself so much that it was decided to repeat this, place and time – unknown.

In the same year, German promoter Thorsten Sohn of MFP-Concerts did a „Rock Meets Classic" show in Munich, and during the one-week preparations it happened that topics moved to the Blues Project and Thorsten Sohn recognised a resulting possibility that Jon was willing to play in a Rhythm'n'Blues band for the first time again since his departure from Deep Purple.

Out of the internal use of 'this bluesband of yours' emerged the JON LORD BLUES PROJECT.

Line Up:

JON LORD - Hammond Organ

MILLER ANDERSON – guitar and vocals

MAGGIE BELL – vocals


ZOOT MONEY – Keyboards

PETE YORK – drums


VSeite6USF_0222Quote Jon:
Although my name may be on the poster, I'm not "primus inter pares". When we're on stage I'm just a member. It's just wonderful for me to be able to relax into a group of musicians of this caliber.

We're all equal in the way we play, and all of them are equally capable of fronting this band. It's very much like the Three Musketeers thing, it's, "All for one and one for all."

Thorsten Sohn created the band logo and wasn't very surprised how many promoters wanted to see this band live, after he had announced that there were a couple of performances planned for 2011.

The band did a couple of successful, sold out festivals in Germany and a tour across Austria, as well as a festival in Hungary.

Out of the recording of their performance at Rottweil festival and in cooperation with Jon's manager, Sohn produced the first official live-CD since Jon's departure from Deep Purple.

There is a world-wide release via MFP Music Productions. The CD got only positive reviews in all relevant music magazines and represents this band in a perfect way.

In July 2011 the bad news about Jon's falling ill of cancer was released.

Jon Lord died on July 16th 2012.

Jon Lord Blues Project on tour 2011:

foto-60-high 300x40007.04.2011 D-Roth - Bluestage

14.05.2011 D-Rottweil - Jazzfestival

24.06.2011 F-Dijon- Bluesfestival

30.06.2011 A-Graz - Orpheum

01.07.2011 A-Amstetten - Pölz-Halle

02.07.2011 H-Pecs - Bluesfestival


Tournee-Veranstalter: MFPConcerts GmbH & Co. KG