BEHIND CLOSED DOORS - Thorsten Quaeschning & Gäste


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The "Behind Closed Doors"-Sessions out of Berlin, Germany are unique and extraordinary.

 Thorsten Quaeschning welcomes to this session:



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 Franz Bargmann (GER)

is a German guitarist and founding member of Berlin based band CAMERA, well-known for their spontanous Krautrock-Guerilla-concerts.

Franz can also be heard on several projects, as on the Dark-Techno debut album „Auferstehung“ of OAKE, and he just released as BROCKMANN/BARGMANN the new record „Zeit“.
Since 2014 he is playing guitar for German Krautrock legend Michael Rother NEU!, HARMONIA).

Franz is based in Berlin


Dana Schechter (USA)

is a musician, composer, visual artist, animator and producer.
She founded her band BEE AND FLOWER in NYC in 1999, and started a solo project called INSECT ARK in 2011. Dana is also bassist with SWANS.

Throughout her life she made both music and visuals.
Musically, she started out as a bassist playing in bands since she was 16.
Over time she have expanded her list of instruments to include lap steel guitar, piano, synthesizers, vocalizations/singing, acoustic and electric drums, as well as recording, engineering, and producing.

Visually, she began as an oil painter/printmaker, later moving into video work with motion graphics/animation. Over the last few years she started bringing these two worlds together, integrating the scope of her creative output. She is also known for her film scoring work, as for „Ratter“, „A Good Night To Die“ and „Dead Dogs Lie“.

Dana is based in Berlin and New York


The Host:
Thorsten Quaeschning (GER)

is a composer, multi-instrumentalist and musical director who played and composed on more than 120 albums worldwide with different artists including 75 albums (albums, compilations, live-albums) with TANGERINE DREAM.

He composed the original soundtrack for “CARGO” (USA/2018), “LETTERS FROM LIBYA, (Libya & Germany) and  “REMNANTS” (UK/2013).

20 11 09 TQ Portrait 400x300Member of
   - TANGERINE DREAM 2005 - today
   - PICTURE PALACE MUSIC 2003 - today
   - MINORY 1994 - 2003

   - Brian May (QUEEN),
   - Jean Michel Jarre,
   - Edgar Fröse,
   - Schiller / Christopher von Deylen,
   - Hans Joachim Roedelius,
   - Ulrich Schnauss,
   - Paul Frick,
   - Franz Bargmann,
   - Greenman

Thorsten is based in Berlin, Germany.


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